March 2024 Newsletter

March 15, 2024


As I often reflect on what God has done in my life through Cultivate Global, and see what God is doing with it in the lives of so many others, I am humbled. Our Lord is Good and Faithful and will always be so.

The Cultivate Global team is excited about what has happened, is happening, and what is in store. In my last letter, I mentioned that we were in the process of adding to our team. In January, we officially added Mr. Paul Charles Kigeja. He was born and raised in Tanzania and is a lawyer by trade. Paul felt a calling to leave what he was doing and join the mission of Cultivate Global. Paul is the humblest man I know. He loves the Word of God more than anything else, is hungry to learn and grow, and is the perfect fit for our team. Paul serves as our Global Operations Manager. The addition of Paul has been a huge blessing, and he has fully adopted our mantra “For His Kingdom” upon his whole life. His involvement has increased accountability for us and

our partners, accelerated legal processes, and added another level of clarity and understanding through clear translation on both ends. In addition, I also mentioned in my last letter that we are seeking to add to our board of directors a part-time administrative assistant to assist me and lighten my load. These are roles we are still patiently waiting on the right people to surface for. We welcome input and recommendations if someone comes to mind. 🙂

Currently, we are maintaining support and partnership with local farmers, Cornerstone Schools of Africa, and Nonkodin Secondary School. As a reminder, Nonkodin is a secondary school in Monduli that primarily aims to provide both refuge and education for Masai girls and boys who come from abusive or impoverished backgrounds. Nonkodin has gained much traction in growth towards sustainability. We helped them with a campaign to reach and add more students, as well as make upgrades to their facilities, add electricity, and begin a farming bean project that will be a major source of income. This year we are also eager to grow our involvement with farmers in the community of Babati and beyond. We partner with like-minded farmers who are ambitious to use profitability to support local ministry and to share their successful methods with others. Cornerstone remains consistent with slow growth in numbers and progress towards sustainability. There are many project opportunities through Cornerstone that we could engage with this coming year, and we seek wisdom and diligent prayers for direction. The funds you have given to Cultivate Global have been used to support all these activities with all our partners. We patiently wait for the Lord’s guidance regarding our next big financial project.

With that being said, let’s discuss what we know is on the Horizon. I will be headed back to Tanzania May 23 – June 5. I am super excited to say that this time I will be bringing five others with me! Having a team of 7 (6 Americans and 1 Tanzanian) to do ministry with for these 2 weeks will be a blessing. We will cover a lot of ground sharing and showing the love of Christ. We also will spend some intentional time with successful farmers so that we can learn more local methods and have the potential to engage in partnerships with these individuals to help support what we do. For instance, on my last trip, a farmer told me, “Cody, I will give you any piece of my land you want if you help me plant and build a church here and a farm around it to support its ministry.” This is the idea and thinking we are going for. Our goal with this is also to take these methods with us to other regions, as well as apply these methods to some of our school projects to increase sustainability.

The team is so grateful for all your support. We ask that you pray for our team, this upcoming trip, our partners in Tanzania, and wisdom and guidance as we navigate the growth and direction of Cultivate Global.

If what Cultivate Global is doing is something you feel convicted to be a part of, humbly, we ask that you prayerfully consider Cultivate Global as a beneficiary of your giving. It is a new year, so if you gave last year, we ask that you consider giving again. We cannot continue to do what we do without diligent donors. The more we grow, the more opportunities come, and the more financial needs we have. Thus, we are so grateful and blessed by our diligent givers and prayer warriors. Giving can be done online at or checks directly sent to our address. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me.

“For His Kingdom!”

— Cody J. Griess