June 2024 Newsletter

June 25, 2024


From May 23–June 6, we had the opportunity to bring a team of people over to Tanzania. This was an incredible trip and I enjoyed the company of others, especially those experiencing it for the first time. The purpose of this trip in particular was mission-focused, but of course with an agricultural flare! We were able to share the Gospel with approximately 600 adults and 360 children along the way. These trips present opportunities that both take you out of your comfort zone and humble you in the process. You all have heard from me a lot, so I want to give you the opportunity to hear from some of the others who went on this trip.

“I went on this missions trip not really knowing what to expect. I came back seeing the full vision behind what Cultivate Global is trying to accomplish in Tanzania. The people there are very willing to learn whether that be about agriculture or the Bible. There is so much potential for what can be done in that country but it all starts with education. One thing that stood out to me about the people and children there is the joy that they have despite not having much. Definitely makes you think about how greedy we are as a society here and how material things don’t give you lasting joy. The real joy that we receive comes from the Lord who is our comfort and peace.” – Josh





“This was my second trip to Tanzania with Cultivate Global. It’s humbling to be used by God for the advancement of His kingdom. Serving in this ministry in rural Tanzania has been life changing for me in many ways. I’ve learned that what people in these regions value the most is when we’re intentional and willing to spend time with them. We visited farmers in agricultural regions and discovered unlimited potential with fertile soil and access to underground water allowing for irrigation. The people we met were hungry for knowledge, eager to hear the Gospel and grateful for our presence. Cultivate Global’s mission to serve globally through ministry in education and agricultural development aligns closely with the primary needs of the people in central east Africa.” – Les





“For most of the trip, I was able to take pictures of everything we were doing and the places we saw. I enjoyed capturing the culture and personalities of the people, who display so much joy and gratitude. My favorite part of the trip was visiting the schools that Cultivate Global helps support. The students were so welcoming, and they performed several of their songs and dances for us. The girls loved showing me around their school, teaching me words in Swahili, and taking lots of pictures. Our trip was humbling yet encouraging to see the Lord working in those people. One of the most memorable parts of this trip for me was visiting NEEMA Village. We heard countless tragedy stories of the abandoned children, which became even more real when we met them. This place was a great reminder that just as we were lost and abandoned before Christ, our Heavenly Father adopted us as his child. We wanted to adopt them all! All the people and places we visited will always have a special place in my heart. Lord willing, I hope to go back and serve again.” – Claire

“Attending the church services, I was overwhelmed by the realization that believers across the world worship the same God. I saw firsthand other people worshiping God in their own tongue. Obviously I don’t speak Swahili, but I could see the joy and hope they had when we would worship together. I also had the privilege of preaching the Gospel and sharing my testimony with the students and teachers at the schools. One of my favorite things from the trip was jumping into their culture by trying local foods, picking up Swahili phrases, and visiting with farmers and students. We know a small number of pictures and a snapshot of our trip can’t do justice for the work that God is doing in Tanzania. There are many great people who we met that you will get to meet in heaven one day. We hope you feel encouraged as a supporter and will continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Tanzania.” – Ben




“This was my second time going to Tanzania with Cultivate Global. I am honored to get the chance to walk alongside the local people. These people think they have learned so much from us, but I have learned far more from them. We live in a culture where we, even as Christians, often seek joy by building our own kingdoms of wealth, property, etc. They have shown me that joy doesn’t happen because of external circumstances. Lasting joy comes from truly knowing Jesus. The few people we partner and build relationships with know this joy, and it’s obvious not because of what they say but because of how they live. They have little, we have so much, yet their joy is real and honest and humble. We have a chance to walk alongside them and help their circumstances, their efforts for self sustainability, and the advancement of the Gospel in their country. They walk alongside us and show us real joy. Cultivate Global has had the opportunity to walk alongside a few schools including Noonkodin Secondary, and this has been the highlight for me. Currently, Cultivate Global is working on bringing water directly to the school and partnering in other ways to help them become self-sufficient. (You will hear more about these efforts soon!)” – Marty



As far as myself, every time I go to Tanzania I feel grateful and humbled. A great part of my heart belongs to these people. I was greatly encouraged by this trip and thoroughly enjoyed the company. I always enjoy the opportunities I get to preach overseas and the relationships being built. This place truly has become my home away from home. On this trip in particular, a major highlight for me was getting to play a soccer match with our students at Noonkodin! I loved the opportunity to let our hair down and just enjoy a competitive game of ‘football’! 🙂





Cultivate Global is working hard to continue building a footprint of sustainability through education and agricultural development. However, within those efforts we feel that there is a unique opportunity to expose people to the mission field overseas. So, to let you all into our plans for future trips, as of now I plan to go every fall with either one or two board/team members or major donors as more of a business oriented trip. The primary goal is to check in on and spend extensive time with our partners and projects, as well as to gain more vision for the future. Of course sharing the Gospel will still be a major part of these trips. Every spring/summer I plan to go with a missions team on more of a missions oriented trip where we will do a lot of similar things we did on this last trip. That includes visiting orphans and widows, evangelizing in many areas, preaching the Gospel at church services, fellowshipping with fellow believers, loving on our students and families involved or partnered with Cultivate Global, and also enjoy a couple tourist activities to see the beautiful Tanzania and its culture.

I am excited to inform you all that on this last trip we were able to get an official NGO registered and a bank account opened up in Tanzania as Cultivate Global Tanzania. This NGO falls under the umbrella of the 501c3 Cultivate Global in the USA. Having this opens up more opportunity as well as cleaner, quicker and more efficient business activities on that end. Along those lines, I am excited to share with you all additions to our team and new projects and activities we are currently working on and exploring. Stay tuned!

If what Cultivate Global is doing is something you feel convicted to be a part of, humbly, we ask that you prayerfully consider Cultivate Global as a beneficiary of your giving? We can not continue to do what we do without diligent donors. The more we grow, the more opportunities come, and the more financial needs we have. Thus, we are so grateful and blessed by our diligent givers and prayer warriors. Giving can be done online at cultivateglobal.net/donate or checks directly sent to our address. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

“For His Kingdom!”

– Cody J. Griess