December 2023 Newsletter

December 18, 2023


As you know, I returned a little over a month ago from another trip to Tanzania. I am excited to update you all on that trip as well as the current direction of Cultivate Global. On this trip I traveled overseas alone, and met up with some of our partners when I arrived. These nearly 2 weeks were spent traveling through the country visiting many people and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In more detail, time was spent with local successful farmers to both advise and to learn the native ways of agriculture so that we are more equipped for successful agriculture development in others regions going forward. Much time was also spent with the directors of both Cornerstone Schools of Africa and Noonkodin Secondary School. This time was beneficial for growing relationships and to continue to develop business models and project direction for both institutions. All of our partnerships involve us coming alongside people that desire to use their gifts for ministry. Therefore, our opportunity to partner allows us to help these institutions develop agriculture and/or education, but most importantly disciple and train others in the Word of God so that they can use what we are developing ‘For His Kingdom’.

Along the journey through the country, I was able to preach at 2 churches, 2 Compassion International Centers, and 3 secondary schools. I was informed after the fact, that I was able to preach the Gospel of Christ to more than 500 adults and 250 children. All glory to God! We pray that the seeds planted will grow! This is such a special and essential part of our ministry on these trips. If the presence of Cultivate Global only leaves one thing in the minds of the local people, our desire is that it is the Gospel of Jesus. The prosperity gospel and false religion is so prevalent, that when we get an opportunity to preach the real Gospel of Jesus to these people, it is truly fulfilling to our purpose. Also, as a part of our preaching ministry, all individuals were gifted with food and/or school supplies following the services.

Thank you all for the prayers in preparation for and during this trip. For all the reasons listed above, all the relationships built, the much ground that was covered, and the Gospel of Christ being preached, we consider this trip a success.

I’d like to briefly spotlight a moment where God was so clearly at work on this trip. On a midweek afternoon, as I was walking on a road back to where I was staying, I was spontaneously invited to come and speak to a class of students. These people had never seen a ‘white’ person before, and I credit this as the reason for me being asked to speak. I asked the teacher, “What do you want me to say?”. He responded by saying, “Anything you would like”. After noticing that most of these students were muslim, I thought to myself “perfect!”. So I was able to open up to the book of Ephesians and spend a little over 30 minutes preaching the Gospel. The students were intrigued and many questions about Jesus were asked.

However, when I was done and about to leave, a young muslim girl came up to me and through translation asked, “Sir Cody, do you love me?”. This completely caught me off guard! I proceeded to respond saying, “Yes, I do.”. She asked, “Is that because of Jesus?”. I again, caught off guard, responded and said, “Yes it is! He is why I am here!”. With a smile she looked at me and asked, “So, will you be my friend?”. I said, “Absolutely!”. I gave the girl a hug and then went on my way.

Later on I was told that this girl comes from a very broken and poor family. I never truly processed that whole experience until I came home. God was so clearly moving and using a servant of His to share His word and the true hope of Jesus to lost and broken people! This is a memory I will remember for a long time! Praise the Lord!

Moving forward, our primary work in the coming months will be to continue to work with CASA in developing a poor Masai village outside of Chalinze. (This is a project that I spoke more in depth about in the ‘September Letter’, so please refer back to that email or link ( on the website for more information.) In summary, this is a community in which we have been given many doors of opportunity to come alongside and minister the Gospel through developing a school for the uneducated and agriculture as a means of profitability for both the school and people. In our partnership with CASA going forward, our main focus is to continue to push them forward in business strategy and support them in other ways to carry out our collective goal of ministering the Gospel and developing communities in need. We also will put a heavy focus on working with Noonkodin Secondary School to increase profitability with their school farming project. Also, coming alongside them in strategically increasing student numbers and upgrading the campus experience.

We will also continue to work alongside a couple churches and farmers on a smaller scale. There have been many other partnership opportunities, especially with churches and farms in the region of Babati. I ask that you pray for wisdom for our team in discerning the direction we should go.

Partnership’s aside, Cultivate Global is growing in capacity and need. With that said, we are in the current process of establishing Cultivate Global as a legal entity in Tanzania and hiring a Tanzanian member to our team officially. Being established in Tanzania opens up ministry opportunities by making wires of money, purchases, and legal processes easier. A native member of our team will be a huge blessing in making communication and follow ups with our partnerships so much easier. This team member would also handle a variety of other responsibilities. We have identified a trusted individual and are cautiously moving forward with adding him and what that may look like. On top of all that, we find it wise to look to add to our board of directors in this coming year and also have become aware of a part time need stateside entailing administrative and social media duties. Pray for us as we cautiously move forward into 2024 with all these needs.

We fully acknowledge that God is the provider and will lead us in our partnerships and direction of Cultivate Global.

If what Cultivate Global is doing is something you get excited about, humbly, we ask that you prayerfully consider Cultivate Global as a beneficiary of your giving? If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me. Giving can be done online at or checks directly sent to our address.

Our team is so thankful and grateful for all of your support and what the Lord is doing. Have a Merry Christmas, and may God bless you all!

“For His Kingdom!”

— Cody J. Griess