Cultivate Global

Our History

Cultivate Global grew from a desire to an idea to an opportunity to a reality, over the span of a year. Our founder and Executive Director Cody Griess acted on an ambitious goal on his return to central Nebraska from serving in Texas in the summer of 2021. Through the blessings of connections, relationships, drive, and personal knowledge, he saw his goals and passions come together. In the fall of 2022, Cultivate Global was officially born.

Doors were opened in a very timely manner by the Lord’s guidance and sovereignty. He provided the right opportunities and people, in the exact perfect time and order, to make an idea a reality. Quickly after the start, Cultivate Global formed an international partnership with Cornerstone Agricultural Schools of Africa (CASA), a gospel preaching school system that provides education to the poorest regions of Tanzania. Later on we expanded and began working with local Farmers, Churches, Ag Universities, Compassion International Centers, Masai Tribal Communities, and more.


Cody Griess

Founder, and Executive Director | cgriess@cultivateglobal.net

Cody is a young farmer born and raised in central Nebraska. He graduated from UNL with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Currently he serves on full time staff at Heritage Bible Church in Lincoln, NE, while pursuing his masters degree in Theology through MBTS. He is never short of words and brings a lot of energy and passion to what he does. Cody LOVES ice cream and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. If you can’t find him, he is probably outdoors hunting or fishing, boating at the lake, working, or spending time with friends and/or family. He is passionate about agriculture and serving others, sharing what he knows, and illustrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Lord has done mighty works in Cody’s life. If you are curious about what those things are, he loves to share them. God has grown in Cody a love for His people. This love stems from Jesus as well as the idea that there are three things that are eternal: God, God’s Word, and People; and the soul of a person is priceless. His motivation for starting Cultivate Global is no doubt because it allows him to pursue his passions, but is centered around his often referred to statement, “Have an eternal mindset, For His Kingdom!” Undoubtedly, Cody believes God has opened doors very timely and allowed him to pursue people through these things he loves.

Paul Kigeja

Global Operations Manager

Paul is a lawyer by trade, born and raised in rural Musoma Tanzania. He graduated from Tumaini University Makumira with a Law Degree. Paul is passionate about advocating for women, children, and the neglected in Tanzania to be treated in the way Jesus would treat them. He is a very humble and well respected man who truly loves the Word of God and brings a lot of wisdom and detail to what he does. He is motivated to learn and grow in all areas he is engaged in. Paul also loves fishing, hunting, and writing/reading books. He has done many things in his life, but believes working with Cultivate Global is a realization of what God has called him for. He summarizes this calling by saying that it is to serve the Lord and help the less fortunate all to glorify the name of Jesus and His Kingdom. Paul is passionate about doing his part in advancing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Board of Directors

Cody Griess  |  Les Griess  |  Marty Griess  |  Paul Kigeja